Main Feature Points

Are you ready to rule Elun in the ElonLuna base?

We all know that the Elon family is holding a revolution in the meme token universe. ElonLuna is not just a meme token, Elon is one of us. Other meme tokens are created using social networks and programs. If you say how ElonLuna is different, we will say that it has a USAGE EXAMPLE with its Staking and Airdrop functions.

Binance Smart Chain

DEX Platform

Staking Platform

Airdrop to Holders

Deflationary Model


Staking Available Soon
Buy, Stake and Earn!

You can earn Elun tokens by staking. Now buy Elun and deposit it into the staking pool. We will be happy to distribute the ecosystem wallet to the holders.

  • Buy now! You can buy Elune from the markets we have listed so far.
  • Bid! Deposit your Elun tokens into the staking pool. Soon!
  • Earn! Earn Elune to wager Elune. Don't forget to visit the platform often!
Buy Now and Join Us 👌

How to buy ElonLuna?

At the moment there are several exchanges where you can buy our token

  • Create a Metamask wallet or trust wallet and then select the Binance Smart Chain network
  • Connect your wallet to the exchange where you want to buy a coin
  • You drop funds to your wallet for which you want to buy a coin
  • Choose the purchase amount and press the swap button
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet and that's it
  • Token Address: 0xbedf090ea442b4f359616dc2cc7e54c9d2511e57

Elun Token

Elun Token has been distributed as follows. You can also check token shares from sites like BSC scan


Token Name

Total Supply (100%)

Ecosystem (30%)

Burn (30%)


Liquidity (15%)

Airdrop (10%)

Marketing & Dev (10%)


Team (5%)